Where does Eco-Feu's Bio-Ethanol come from?                                           

While we have sourced our Bio-Ethanol from different crops since 2008, we currently use Canadian Corn bi-products (parts unsuitable for human or animal consumption).

Does Eco-Feu install fireplaces?                                                                       

We do not. Our fireplaces install on a wall in less than 15 minutes with the provided mounting bracket (wall units). Custom applications like recessing the fireplace into another surface will be the responsibility of the buyer and are easily performed by contractors.

How long will a fire last?                                                                                

We’ve designed the fireplaces’ burn time to accommodate their typical use time. Tabletops generally burn between 3 and 5 hours while our larger designs burn between 4 and 7 hours. Please see the product specifications for your chosen product’s burn time.

Does it have any effect on the smell or the safety of the air in my home?                                                                                             

Eco-Feu fireplaces and fuel are safe to use indoors and out. While you will not need a chimney because the flames produce no smoke, you should not install a unit in small washrooms or bedrooms. Ethanol fire features emit a minimal smell for a few minutes at the beginning and end of a burn cycle similar to a candle. A room that has proper ventilation is ideal. When your unit is not in use, keep the shutter closed.

How much heat do your fireplaces emit?                                                         

Our fireplaces feature real flames and thus produce substantial heat. Please see the product specifications for your chosen product’s heat output and note that the heat output can be controlled through the shutter mechanism.

Are these products covered under warranty?                                                       

All of our fireplaces are covered by our 3-year manufacturer’s Warranty.

Can these fireplaces be used indoors and outdoors?                                       

Yes, our products are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. They should not be exposed to the elements. Tabletops can be brought inside when not in use, we offer covers for our free-standing models and our wall mounted models should be installed in a sheltered area.

My unit won't ignite correctly, what should I do?                                                 

If you’re experiencing small, blue or momentary flames pleaseensure that the burner is filled to the ‘Max’ fill marker. Not only will thisensure that your flames will stay lit but also ensure they reach their optimalheight and colour faster. It is also important to note that the fuel should bekept at room temperature. If the fuel you want to use is cooler than roomtemperature, it may become difficult to light. 

Are Eco-Feu products certified?                                                                         

We offer a large array of designs certified according to both UL and ULC standards. Please see product pages for certification details.

Do I need to use Eco-Feu brand fuel?                                                               

You do not. However, we cannot guarantee the safety and efficiency of our fireplaces when used with any other fuel brand. The burn times, certification claims and warranty are all measured when using Eco-Feu Superior Quality Ethanol.