About Us

Eco-Feu aims to enhance the luxury of any space with soothing flames and modern styling.

Based in Montreal, Canada, we’ve been designing products prioritizing safety and superior quality since 2008. Our hope is that by freeing consumers from the hassles and costs of other fireplaces (gas/electric connections, chimneys), more will experience the added beauty and serenity in their homes offered by our products. Similarly, we are committed to simplifying the fireplace purchase and ownership experience through attentive customer service. Please let us know how we may help make your fireplace project a reality.

Discover the Eco-Feu flame.

How It Works:

Our fireplaces require no connections or chimneys because they are fueled by Bio-Ethanol. Bio-Ethanol is a form of combustion alcohol derived from agricultural products. Upon burning into real flames, it emits only heat, water vapor and a minimal amount of carbon dioxide. No smoke, soot or ash means you’ll own a maintenance free fireplace that is truly clean for both your home and planet.


Versatility is the main advantage of this innovative method. Because Eco-Feu fireplaces are fully self-contained, they can be placed, hung and built into infinitely creative designs or simply convert an already loved fireplace in your home.

Eco-Feu fireplaces are simple to use. Fill the burner with the provided easy-pour spout, ignite and watch your flames grow to their full height and colour. Once you’ve enjoyed hours of soothing beauty, extinguishing the fire is one shutter placement or lever pull away.

Sure to become a showpiece in your home, you’ll find Eco-Feu’s variety of products by browsing our website.